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論文集 Phonological Externalization vol. 2 (2017) を札幌大学学術情報リポジトリで公開しました。
Phonological Externalization Volume 2 2017
Yoshihito Dobashi
Labeling and Phonological Phrasing: A Preliminary Study ... 1
Kuniya Nasukawa
Extending the Application of Merge to Elements in Phonological Representations ... 25
Hisao Tokizaki and Jiro Inaba
Word Order and Prosody in the Adnominal Modification Structures ... 45
Mayumi Hosono
Exceptional Movement from the Criterial Position - A Case from Scandinavian Object Shift - ... 53
Tomohiro Fujii
Some Casual Notes on Grammar Comparison in Syntax: The Case of Analysis of Head-FinalStructure ... 65
Hisao Tokizaki
Historical Changes of Word Order and Word Stress in English: An Introduction ... 83