Tone in Chinese

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Our paper "Tone in Chinese: Preserving Tonal Melody in Strong Positions" has appeared in Studies in Chinese Linguistics, Volume 35, Number 1, 2014, 31-46.
For download, visit:


Prosody and Head-directionality in Chinese

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I have uploaded the handout of my presentation "Prosody and Head-directionality in Chinese"
at Symposium on word order in Chinese, May 17, 2012, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Click the File tab on the left for downloading the file.


My CURRICULUM VITAE as of March 2012

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I have uploaded My CURRICULUM VITAE as of March 2012. Click the "File" on the left for download the PDF file "Tokizaki CV 2012-3.pdf".


Review of Syntax of Sentential Stress by Arsalan Kahnemuyipour

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I have uploaded my review of Kahnemuyipour (2009). For downloading the manuscript, click the "File" on the left.
"Review of Syntax of Sentential Stress by Arsalan Kahnemuyipour"
Studies in English Literature, English Number 52, 222-231.
2011. 3. 1


Studio Live

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I will play ukulele with my student Nobu (Key) on Feb 4 from 10 am (Japan standard time). It will be broadcasted through USTREAM. Please search "htoki TV" on USTREAM. I hope you enjoy it!


Ukulele Live 2010 on YouTube

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My performance in Ukulele Live 2010 is now on YouTube. Please search:
It is also on USTREAM. Please search:


Ukulele Live on USTREAM

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I will broadcast my performance of ukulele from 3:00 to 3:30 (Japan Standard Time) on Dec 31, 2010. Please visit:
The recorded video can be seen after the live hour at the same site. Enjoy!


Presentation on air

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I have uploaded a video of my presentation at OnLI 2 (Belfast, 2 Dec 2010) on USTREAM.
The handout is also available from the "File" tab on the left.


The morpho-phonological nature of the Generalized Final-Over-Final Constraint

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The handout of my talk at LAGB 2010 Leeds can be downloaded from the "File" on the left.


Roll-up Movement and Complement-Head orders

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I have uploaded the handout of my presentation at GIST 1 conference on Anti-Locality and Snowballing Movement, Ghent, June 25, 2010. Click the File tab on the left and download the PDF file.


Ukulele on YouTube

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I have uploaded some videos of my performance on ukulele. You can search for them with "tokizakihisao". Enjoy!


Pronominal adverbs in English

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I have uploaded the slides shown in my talk, "Pronominal adverbs in English" at The third international spring forum of English Linguistic Society of Japan, Aoyama Gakuin University, April 25, 2010.
Please click the 'File' tab on the left and download the pdf file.


Stress Location and the Acquisition of Morpho-Syntactic Parameters

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The abstract for my presentation at WCCFL 2010, Los Angels has been uploaded. Click the File tab for downloading the pdf file.


Polar Question Particles and the Final-Over-Final Constraint

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I have uploaded the handout for our presentation at Particles Workshop, Downing College, University of Cambridge, 30th-31st October 2008. Click the "File" button on the left for downloading.


Dissertation 2006

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I posted the abstract of my 2006 dissertation at Linguist List (without knowing that it is sent as a message!). To download the files (Part 1-3), please click the "File" tab on the left. You should search the files with the keyword "dissertation" because they were posted a year ago. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Phrasal compound and marked word orders

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I have posted the slides presented at Morphology-Lexicon Forum 2008 part 2, Kobe University, July 5.
Tokizaki, Hisao and Yasutomo Kuwana. 2008.
Phrasal compound and marked word orders.
Please click the File tab to download the pdf file.


Prosody of Positive/Negative Conjunctions in Japanese

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I uploaded the handout of the poster presentation "Prosody of Positive/Negative Conjunctions in Japanese" at Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody:
Conference on Prosody and Language Processing. April 11-13 2008 at Cornell University. Click the "File" tab for downloading!


Syntactic Structure and Silence

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My book has just been published by Hitsuji Syobo Publishing (Tokyo). ISBN: 978-4-89476-395-1
I would like to thank you for your support.

For publisher's announcement of the book, see:
This is a revised and updated version of my dissertation. I hope that author index, language index, and subject index are helpful for you.


Non-existent word orders and left-branching structure

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I uploaded our handout:
Tokizaki, Hisao and Yasutomo Kuwana. 2008.
Non-existent word orders and left-branching structure.
Handout at Sapporo Linguistics Circle, March 1, 2008.
Please click the "File" tab on the left to download the PDF file.


Non-existent word orders and left-branching structure

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I have uploaded the abstract of an alternate paper for GLOW 2008 Workshop "Principles of linearization," co-authored by Yasutomo Kuwana. Click "File" tab to download the pdf file. I am looking forward to going to Newcastle in March.


Symmetry and Asymmetry in the Syntax-Phonology Interface

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The final version of my paper to be published in Phonological Studies 11 (2008) has been uploaded. Click the "File" tab on the left for downloading the pdf file. In this paper, I argue that left-branching structure has shorter juncture than right-branching structure.


ELSJ Spring Forum 2008

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I have been working as one of the organizers of ELSJ Spring Forum 2008, which is to be held by English Linguistics Society of Japan on April 26-27 at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Call for papers is available at:
The deadline for abstract is January 1st, 2008. Why don' you come over to this beautiful Japan!


Linearizing structure and the left-right asymmetry

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I have uploaded:
Tokizaki, Hisao. 2007.
Linearizing structure with silence: The left-right asymmetry in syntax-phonology interface.
Handout of the paper presented at Phonology Forum 2007, Aug 27, Sapporo Gakuin University.
Please click the "File" tab and download the pdf file. Thanks!


Do OV languages have simple syllable structure?

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I uploaded the abstract for the 7th biennal Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology
Paris on Sept. 25-28, 2007. Click the "File" tab for download.

Intrasentential Prosody

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I uploaded the paper to be read at IDP07: International Symposium on Discourse-Prosody Interfaces, Geneva, Switzerland. September 12-14, 2007. Click the "File" tab for download.


Phonology Forum 2007 at Odori, Sapporo

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I will give a talk at Phonology Forum 2007 on Aug 27 at Odori, Sapporo. For the detail of the Forum, go to the website:
My talk will be about my dissertation. I hope to see you in Sapporo!


Presentation in September

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I will present papers at
2nd International Symposium on Discourse?Prosody Interfaces (Geneva) and
Association for Linguistic Typology 7th Biennial Meeting (Paris) in September.
(Provisional) programmes are available at:


Why do OV languages have CV syllable structure? Ver2

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I have uploaded the handout for Sapporo Gakuin University Linguistic Circle, Dec 16, 2006. Click "File" on the left and download the file. This is a revised version of the paper read at Tokyo Circle of Phonologists, Oct 15, 2006.


Dissertation uploaded

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I have just uploaded my dissertation "Linearizing Structure with Silence" submitted to the University of Tsukuba, 2006. Click "File" on the left, and download three files, Part 1 to 3. Part 1 includes pp. i-x, 1-70, Part 2 pp. 71-150, and Part 3 pp. 151-239. 868 KB, 656 KB, 920 KB, respectively. Thank you again, everyone!



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I handed copies of my dissertation to the binding company. I will hand them in on Dec 19. Thank you very much for guiding me, supporting me, and teaching me. I have uploaded the Acknowledgments of my dissertation. Please check it at "File" and let me know if your name is not listed!


The degree of word-initial low tone in Japanese

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You can download the handout for ASA-ASJ Joint meeting at Honolulu, Hawaii on Nov 29. Please click "File" on the left.



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I am very glad to know that two of my papers are cited in Neeleman and van de Koot (2006) "On syntactic and phonological representations" Lingua 116:10, 1524-1552. But my name is spelled as "Tokizaki, I." on page 1551. No, I am Hisao Tokizaki. It should be "Tokizaki, H." Thanks!


Talk at Tokyo Circle of Phonologists

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I gave a talk yesterday at Tokyo Circle of Phonologists, held at Tokyo University, Komaba. The title is "Why do OV languages have CV syllable structure?" If you are interested, please click the "File" tab to download the handout.



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I gave a talk at the defense of my dissertation, "Linearizing Structure with Silence: A Theory of Syntax-Phonology Interface" to be submitted to The University of Tsukuba, 2006. The handout of the talk has been uploaded. Please click the "File" tab to download the pdf file.

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