ad hoc

A folk duo with ENDO Fubito.
We played our original songs in some places when we were graduate students at Hokkaido.
Prof. KASAI Seizo kindly acted as our advisor of music as well as linguistics.
CD#1 contains some original songs played by professional singers, including "Susume! Shinji-kun" broadcasted by NHK.

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Susume! Shinji-kun: Songs by TOKIZAKI Hisao

Songs written by TOKIZAKI Hisao, some of which have been broadcasted by NHK "Minna-no Uta" and "Anata-no Melody."
Also contains ad hoc Live at Shionoya.

ad hoc complete / ad hoc

Complete works of the folk duo, ad hoc, taken mostly from the three live performances.

From the 80s / ad hoc Sapporo

Three songs written in 1980s and newly recorded in 2001.
Also contains Karaoke versions.