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Studio Live

Post @ 21:20:44 | music

I will play ukulele with my student Nobu (Key) on Feb 4 from 10 am (Japan standard time). It will be broadcasted through USTREAM. Please search "htoki TV" on USTREAM. I hope you enjoy it!


Ukulele Live 2010 on YouTube

Post @ 10:40:25 | music

My performance in Ukulele Live 2010 is now on YouTube. Please search:
It is also on USTREAM. Please search:


Ukulele Live on USTREAM

Post @ 23:54:19 | music

I will broadcast my performance of ukulele from 3:00 to 3:30 (Japan Standard Time) on Dec 31, 2010. Please visit:
The recorded video can be seen after the live hour at the same site. Enjoy!


Ukulele on YouTube

Post @ 22:44:09 | music

I have uploaded some videos of my performance on ukulele. You can search for them with "tokizakihisao". Enjoy!


Thank you, Jake!

Post @ 0:59:37 | music

We went to Jake Shimabukuro's live at Sapporo tonight. He kindly received our new CD "Hibiscus 2005 La Bamba." Sorry, Jake. We didn't have time to write our message to you on the CD: "We love your music!"


New CD! Hibiscus 2005

Post @ 23:03:09 | music

We have recorded the songs we played this summer. Please e-mail me to get a hand-made CD-R.

1 La Bamba 2 The Entertainer 3 Nada So-so 4 On a Little Bamboo Bridge 5 Daydream Believer 6 Beyond the Reef 7 Libertango 8 L-O-V-E 9 On the Beach at Bali-Bali 10 Miagete-goran Yoru-no Hoshi-o 11 La Bamba 2
You can enjoy some of them at our website:
We are also going to upload all the mp3 files of the CD and Hibiscus 2002. Thank you for your patience!